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Speciality Custom Fabric

Speciality Custom Fabric includes fabric that bears specific design and detail work. This can be regarding the appearance or the specifications of the fabric. Clothing and apparel manufacturers can get customized fabric to make their products.

Speciality Custom Fabric is highly customizable and can be made to match a certain physical appearance. Manufacturers and clothing companies that require a certain fabric color or design can get fabric from us at an affordable price.

Manufacturers looking to make products that set them apart from others on the market can submit a custom order for special fabric. This allows all industrial manufacturers to buy a product that is made exactly to the needs of their products.

AJY Tech India has a specialized team of experts who are able to replicate a Speciality Custom Fabric that fits the client’s description. Using our machinery we are able to manufacture these custom products without any restrictions in any quantity specified.

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Features of Speciality Custom Fabric

  • Specially designed
  • All customizations accepted
  • High quality fabric
  • Multi-purpose fabric
  • Waterproof/splashproof
  • Custom printed designs
  • Flexible and durable
  • Long-lasting quality and appearance

Uses of Speciality Custom Fabric

  • Designer clothing
  • Footwear
  • Household linen
  • Furniture covering
  • Vehicle upholstery and interiors
  • Building interiors