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Recycled Yarn Fabric

The clothing and apparel industry can benefit by using our Recycled Yarn Fabric as it is a sustainable product made by recycling waste products. Recycled Yarn Fabric has a good quality finish.

Recycled Yarn Fabric is a limitless resource. There are no boundaries as to where it can or cannot be used. The textile industry can use it as a regular fabric raw material for clothing, apparel, vehicle interiors, etc.

We AJY Tech India offer this product in wide varieties of colors and printed designs to suit market demands. Manufactures can take advantage of this fabric as it is available in large quantities at affordable prices and has the green seal of approval.

This Recycled Yarn Fabric offers manufacturers a chance to decrease their environmental footprint by using less natural based resources by limiting the stress and demand on limited raw materials.

AJY Tech India is proud to be a manufacturer of Recycled Yarn Fabric, a resource which is steadily being adopted by several manufacturers throughout the world. In addition to this relatively new product, we also offer it a high level of quality consistency courtesy of our strict checks regarding physical quality.

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Features of Recycled Yarn Fabric

  • Strong and durable
  • Made from sustainably raw materials
  • Customized colors and designs
  • Cater-made size/quantity

Uses of Recycled Yarn Fabric

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Home linen
  • Furniture covering
  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Leather goods lining
  • Fashion garments